"Every picture tells a story, as they say, but sometimes it takes a clever combination of words and pictures to tell a story quickly, concisely and in an entertaining fashion."  Check out this blog post to get some great ideas for designing your own infographic.  Pay particular attention to how you mix images and text to tell your story.  

Crash Course in Infographics - This FREE e-book will teach you all the best practices for creating infographics, as well as tips for sharing them. 

Remember if it is too easy or too comfortable, you are probably not doing it right!


Links to some websites for creating your own infographic



  • Video Tutorials - We've created great tutorials for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users! 


Tips & Suggestions

  • Remember to always think about your share settings so it is easy to turn in.  Turning in using a link is always best, but make sure you look for how to make the link viewable to the public.
  • Look for a pricing button and make sure the free version will give you the options you need.  (I looked at the pricing for and the free version does not allow you to download, so I left it off of my list.)
  • Search for infographics by using Google IMages and see which ones you think are easy to read and which ones don't have enough information.  Really analyze why you like them and why you don't and try to remember that when creating your own.
  • Use the graphics within the site thoughtfully.  They will help tell your story.
  • Please email me if you think if any tips or suggestions you think I should add. (