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  1.  Google Expeditions-  Many of my Hornet teachers may remember that I was trying to get us into the testing group for Virtual Fieldtrips through Google Expeditions.  Although we didn't make it into the test group, they have now released it to everyone.
  2. Cast for Education- Today, Google is also beta-launching ‘Cast for Education,’ a free Chrome app that gives anyone in a classroom—students and teachers—the ability to share their screen wirelessly from their device.  Think of how you use Apple TV and you can get students to share their screen.  Now through Cast for Education and Google Classroom, we should be able to get our students to share their screen through Google Classroom and if it is on the projector everyone would be able to see it as well.  This would make presentations quick and easy, no more sending presentations to the teacher to put on the projector.
  3. Google Forms can now be a quiz and will automatically grade- This is great news for those that like to be able to give wuick quizzes in class.  There are a few drawbacks that I can see... First, when you look at the response sheet, you can see the score, but it does not mark which on e was missed.  You can however, look at the responses within the form and see what questions each student missed.  You can also print the PDF for the individual students as well.  Second, I haven't found a way to manually grade short answer or paragraph questions or to assign a point value to those types of questions like you can in Flubaroo, but I am still working on finding a workaround for that.